Landscaping general purpose stake

Classic Tool and Die

Many stakes on the market are made of cheap flat or “V” shaped metal or plastic. The problem with V-metal is that although it is rigid, it often bends and becomes unusable. Plastics are often used but are largely too brittle to be used in anything but very soft ground. The CTD stake uses High Strength Low Allow (HSLA) material to increase rigidity, so that it can be used in the hardest of ground and flexibility so that is won't bend. CTD has created a product line of stakes unlike any other The CTD Stake is a uniquely designed anchor suitable for tough ground. Direct drive installation avoids disturbing the earth, ensuring a solid anchor point. Available with manual or power driven tools There are two key factors to an excellent stake. 1. Design and 2. Material selection. Not all stakes are created equal! The market place is littered with tons of poorly designed stakes that just don't do a very good job and it's not just the design that is bad but it is the material that they are made of. Traditionally, designs have ranged from something that looks like a nail to a V shaped profile. Some designs are simple, other more complex, some work well, others not at all. CTD, has come up with a stake that is designed with a "W" cross section, creating unparalleled righty. Advanced technology has finally come to the common ground stake. The CTD stake will not break like plastic stakes, or bend like standard V stakes. The head will not mushroom, so pound it in place with whatever you have available. Our stakes are the perfect application for landscaping, camping, around the house or on the job.

Primacare seating

Global Furniture Group

Primacare was designed with change in mind. Armcaps, legs, frames, cushions, upholstery - everything can be changed out quickly and on site with no down time. In the process Primacare eliminates the "˜broken product graveyard', and the risk of injury that often comes with temporary solutions. Primacare also features a number of integrated options to support behavioral health requirements including tamperproof fasteners and contraband proofing. For the good of everyone's health. Primacare is respectful of housekeeping timeframes and workloads, providing a full and easily accessible 360° cleanout with no open creases in the metalwork that can harbor contaminants. Primacare finishes are continuously tested against the most current hospital grade disinfectants and cleaners for integrity and longevity. This collection adds a uniform look to any facility by offering over 40 versatile models that extend from patient rooms to waiting areas, to dining rooms to treatment centers and bariatric applications. Single to five seater styles with or without center arms, ensure a perfect configuration, no matter the size of the space. Warm look solid hardwood frame with die cast zinc connectors and metal to metal fastening for unparalleled strength and durability. Dining, Guest, Patient and Lounge units include metal mesh seat deck providing superior comfort and hygiene. Contoured back with built-in lumbar support provides comfort and support. Wallsaver legs offer first contact to protect walls and chair back. Armcaps are available in solid wood or self-skinned urethane. Replaceable seat covers and replaceable and/or removable seat cushions Easy grip forward extending armcap on models with arms, to assist getting in and out of the chair safely. Seamless waterfall front and clean out between and around the seat and back cushions on all models. Armcaps are securely fastened with metal to metal connectors which allow for field replacement if required. Seat and back are made from 3.5" Ultracell foam for added comfort.
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