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HJ Machine & Pattern has a wide range of products and services to cater your inspection and automation applications. Our dedicated team of engineers are working to assist you with customized automated machinery. We design and manufacture fixtures, assembly lines, and inspection stations that are cost-effective, time-efficient, reliable, and high quality. Our expertise in the mechanical and electrical engineering field gives you a complete solution to your problems. We offer the most efficient solution after analyzing customers' needs, expectations, budget and working environment. We use our professional knowledge and hands-on-experience in PLCs, HMIs, SCADAs, distributed I/Os, servo motors, hydraulics, pneumatics, and panel designing to help you succeed in your business. INSPECTION STATION HJ Machine & Pattern has been making customized inspection stations for customers in Canada, America, Mexico, and Europe. The automated inspection station not only saves a lot of time and money, but also diminishes the scope of mistake and enhances the quality of the product. Building a quality product is our prime goal. Our engineering team works on customized orders too. You can contact us at for further details. Our project helps you achieve and is not limited to: 1. Inspection of the component or complete part presence/orientation in the model from easiest laser systems to more complex and high-end vision systems. 2. Automatic bar code label generation, automatic bar code scanning, and automatic clamping are basic parts of our fixtures. 3. Easy management of statistical data of the inspection parts. 4. Well organized and operator-friendly HMI screens. 5. Easy troubleshooting and detection of the faulty parts. IMG_4146 ASSEMBLY LINE We have been making assembly lines for parts installations with least human interference. HJ Machine & Pattern is known for its gauge manufacturing and has been in this field for years. Therefore, we guarantee to achieve the job with high precision. Using Poka-Yoke and mistake-proofing, we will help you achieve zero-defect products and move towards the Six Sigma quality level. To minimize the operational cost, we integrate lean Kaizen principles in our designs. Thus, you are benefited with shorter and long-term cost savings. SERVICE & SUPPORT HJ Machine & Pattern strives for customer satisfaction and has never failed to give 100% of our service and support. We are here for you from concept initiation to the completion of project. Our technical support team always looks forward to helping you beyond your expectations through phone, email or onsite. We also provide on-site installation and operational training to smoothen your experience with us. We believe in building customer relations. Therefore, we are with you even after delivering the project and can help in troubleshooting in the future. Call us to experience our service.
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