Nose & Paws Nourishing Balm

POOCH Botanics

There are many factors that can contribute to dry or cracked paws. These factors include hot payment, cold Winter conditions, snow and ice, chemicals such as salt on the roads to name a few... Our Nourishing NOSE & PAWS Balm is an excellent ointment made from ultra-hydrating ingredients to help soothe the snout and pamper the paws! The natural and organic ingredients have been carefully selected to create a Balm that is fast absorbing and extremely nourishing without the use of any synthetic chemicals. When formulating the NOSE & PAWS Nourishing Balm, specific ingredients containing fatty acids amongst other vitamins and minerals were selected to provide the nourishing and moisturizing effect when applied topically in order to promote the growth and maintenance of healthy skin on the snout, paws and dry skin folds. For the PAWS, the nourishing Balm can be used on a daily basis, great to apply before or/and after walks, or before bedtime to restore moisture and nourish dry paws. It can also be applied daily for preventative measures and maintaining healthy paws. The Nourishing Balm can be used all year long, however it is specially recommended during the Fall and Winter seasons. The Nourishing Balm is also great for dry snouts and skin folds. It restores moisture and nourishes the skin through the minerals, vitamins and fatty acids obtained from the natural and organic ingredients in the balm. It can be applied as needed. Our Nourishing Balm is: 100% Natural Organic Vegan Cruelty-free
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