Deep Trekker: Making Tough Tasks, Easy

November 12, 2020

Deep Trekker makes tough tasks, easy. Agile, passionate and innovative, Deep Trekker seeks to develop underwater robot underwater vehicles (ROVs) and submersible robots to solve a suite of environmental and industrial situations. “We dream it and then do it together by learning, collaborating and reinventing what’s possible.”

Deep Trekker began when current President Sam Macdonald dropped her flashlight into Lake Huron and wished that she had something to retrieve it with. Inspired by this moment, she set out to create a submersible robot. Macdonald partnered with engineer and current CEO Jeff Lotz, and later Sean Phillips, who is now the Director of Engineering and Operations.  

Initially designed for divers and diving missions, the team quickly realized that the robot had applications in numerous industries. Today, Deep Trekker’s robots have strong applications and consistent sales in aquaculture, infrastructure, energy, search & rescue, commercial diving, defense, maritime, municipalities, ocean science, and underwater discovery.  

Deep Trekker is proud to engineer, manufacture and market all robots on location in Kitchener, Ontario. Over the last nine years Deep Trekker has grown exponentially. The company initially began in the garage of CEO Jeff Lotz. Today, In addition to the Kitchener headquarters, Deep Trekker has grown to include a sales office in Puerto Montt, Chile to serve their growing Latin American market.

Since Deep Trekker’s inception, their product line has grown extensively. Beginning with their original ROV, Deep Trekker now offers an extensive line of robotics with two advanced ROVs, two pipe crawlers, two utility crawlers and one fixed submersible camera.  

Growing from a garage startup to a global company, Deep Trekker now completes sales in over 80 countries around the world, with resellers and dealers in numerous countries. Deep Trekker is proud of their Ontario roots and being able to employ over 50 people from throughout the Kitchener-Waterloo Region.  

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