SaniGel Advanced Premium Hand Sanitizer

Devsan Systems Inc

Myself and my twin brother (no, we can not read each others thoughts) worked hard on creating our new premium hand sanitizer! We tested about 20 variations in the lab, and came out with a product we are very proud of! Both of us suffer from eczema, and we found that so many hand sanitizers dried out our skin even more. So we tested, retested, and retested again. To get a product with 70% alcohol AND moisturizing in one, that was no easy task (oh - and we use high quality pharmaceutical food grade alcohol, more on that later). We use a special blend of Aloe Vera, extracting the leaf juice in its highest concentration in order to create the most moisturizing we could possibly get. And it worked! We then went to work making sure it smelled great and the consistency of the gel was nice and viscous. After a few renditions, we got the perfect gel consistency we wanted! So without further ado: Introducing: SaniGel Advanced: a 70% high grade Ethyl Alcohol Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer keeping you safe on the go. SaniGel Advanced Antibacterial Gel is a hand sanitizer formulated with real aloe vera gel to leave a soothing long lasting feeling. SaniGel is an NPN-Licensed and Health Canada approved hand sanitizer. SaniGel Hand Sanitizer provides a safe and effective way to sanitize your hands when water and soap are not available. Our formula follows the the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for effective hand hygiene recommendations, but tweaked so that it is utmost moisturizing and smells great! We use pharmaceutical food grade alcohol. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Health Canada has temporarily allowed technical grade alcohol to be used in hand sanitizers due to the shortage. This type of alcohol is not safe for pregnant women and children, and is rough on your hands. MANY of the hand sanitizers that you buy on the market is technical grade (there have even been recalls!). Always be aware of what you are buying. Ingredients (Medicinal: Ethyl Alcohol 70%, Non Medicinal: Water, Carbomer, Aminomethyl propanol, Fragrance, Aloe Vera Concentrated Juice Special Blend) How to Use SaniGel Hand Sanitizer Properly: When soap and water are not available, rub in to hands until clear. The formula is waterless, instant, and requires no rinsing! The CDC recommends the use of hand sanitizers as an effective alternative to hand washing,. It is important to use the hand sanitizer properly for the best results. Using SaniGel can prevent the spreading of virus and germs. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers quickly reduce the number of microbes on hands.
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